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Authors 0-9

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8inchCaliper: Like Wolfsbane for Chocolate - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lupin had a crush on Snape…way back when…also, some elements of Sirius/Lupin. Basically, this chronicles Lupin’s time at Hogwarts during PoA, from Lupin’s POV.

Authors: A

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The Consequences of Coming Home Too Early on a Random Day in March - Rated NC17. Rimming, Top!Remus, crossdressing!Snape, talking dirty, bottom!Snape*, detailed sex scenes*, spanking.
Untitled - Rated R. Lupin/himself, Snape/himself.
Untitled - Rated NC-17. Snape. Lupin. Teachers' room.

a_gal: Looking Blankly at Forever - Rated PG. Summary: Remus has trouble letting go. Site password required.

absynthia: My Dearest Foe - Rated R. Summary: The day before Severus' 17th birthday, when he will make the biggest mistake of his life.

Acassha: Only You - Rated PG-13. Summary: A bittersweet tale of Snape and Lupin's budding relationship at school

Careless - Rated NC-17. Summary: Follow up to McKay's In A Delicate Way.
Grave Matters - Rated PG-13. Summary: A farewell to an old enemy. Songfic.

aerynalexander: Lasting Comfort - Rated R. Summary: Severus ends up in Azkaban with only one source of comfort.

The Lost Soldier - Rated PG.
Rediscovery (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Lupin and Snape settle the ghosts of their pasts and start anew again.

Unforgiven - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape reflects on a life with Remus Lupin and the idea of forgiveness. Character death. Dark.
Faithless - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape reflects upon the past and a trust lost.

ajaxbreaker: Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.

Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.

Akinaria: The Bargain

Alanda: The Selling of Souls - Rated PG-13.

Darkness Dreaming of the Moon - Rated T. Summary: While watching his bedpartner sleep, Snape thinks about moonlight, love, hatred, and time.
Within (companion piece) - Rated K+.
The Blade (companion piece) - Rated K+.

Alias Vixen: Anything For You - Rated T. Summary: Remus and Severus get into a fight and Sev runs off. Mpreg.

Untitled - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.

Allie: A Pretty Poison - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus catches Severus attempting suicide. How will he convince him to live again?

But Which Part? - Rated PG.
In Spite - Rated NC-17. Summary: After Sirius's death, Severus isn't exactly good at the hurt/comfort thing. In fact, he's an ass.
What Didn't Happen - Rated NC-17. Accompanying art by glockgal - Rated R. Summary: Severus and Remus kissing, Harry watches and wanks. Not work safe.
Untitled drabble - Rated PG. Summary: Mpreg (sorta)
Untitled - Rated PG. (Other drabbles PG-13 to NC-17). Based on glockgal's Lupin holds Snape at wandpoint art.

Perilous Links - Rated PG-13. Summary: James was too late and Remus managed to bite Severus that night at the Shrieking Shack. How would it affect them as the relationship between them is irrevocably changed?
Prophylactic - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin decides to go undercover to either monitor Snape's behavior or find out more about Snape. Character death.

Colleagues I, Colleagues II - Rated G. Companion drabbles.
Fortuitous Circumstance - Rated G. Drabble.
Inflicted - Rated PG-13. Summary: A short AU piece in which the Prank turned out rather differently. Mention of character death.
The Last One - Rated PG-13. Summary: A bottle of firewhiskey, a good book, and a few honest answers...two old enemies who've outlived their peers find common ground at last, and with it, some small comfort, as the war draws to its conclusion. Character death.

amberthefool: Sunlight - Rated T. Summary: A continuation of Snape's Worst Memory.

amethystshard: Be Wary of Smiling Wolves - Rated PG. Summary: A Harry/Draco story that isn't really about Harry and Draco.

_ananke: Taking Care of Truth - Rated PG-13. Summary: There’s truth and there’s admitting the truth – is everything in the library fact?

anathdemalfoy: Puppy Love - Rated PG-13.

Angel291: And heaven cries... - Rated K+. Summary: Remus Lupin is worried about Severus as he does not come to the Halloween party...

Angel Archer: Just Wanting to Be Loved - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lupin is in an abusive relationship because he doesn't think anyone else would want him. Snape finds out about it.

angeleledhwen: Wake - Rated G. Summary: Reactions to a death. Dark.

anise_anise: The Wages of Sin - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus/Severus/Sirius, Sirius follows Remus after weeks of dealing with his odd behavior. He finds something he didn't expect.

Ankinaria: Collar and Leash - Rated NC-17. Summary: PwP, BDSM, Romance.

Bonfire Night - Rated NC-17. Summary: Fireworks, rain, and angst.
Imperfect - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape and Lupin meet secretly during the war.
Of Cigarettes and Secrets - Rated PG. Summary: Lupin thinks that Snape and he have something in common.
Red Clover - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape is wet.

Give Me a Reason - Rated PG-13. Summary: No wolf can survive alone.
Give Me a Reason (sequel) - Rated PG-13

Anonymous (
Brilliant!! - Rated PG.
I Saw Moony Kissing Snivellus - Rated PG.
Looking - Rated PG. Summary: Mistletoe with a twist.

Antigonesev: The Letter - Rated K. Summary: Remus writes a letter late at night in the staffroom. Snape gives him a hard time.

A Chat in the Garden - Rated PG.
Coming to Terms - Rated S-MT. Summary: Remus Lupin makes a confession. Snape takes his time responding.

ArcticFox: What Happened Last Night - Rated NC-17. Summary: SS/RL/HP.

Aretina: The Help - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin spends a desolate month as Snape’s employee with only the occasional letter to sustain him.

Everything But the Love - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus and Severus have some issues in the wake of the final battle.
Just One Question - Rated PG-13. Summary: It's the day after Voldemort's death, and someone has a question. Drabble.
A Little White Lie - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus tells Severus a little white lie about muggle birthday traditions.
There Were Some Things Severus Liked - Rated NC-17. Summary: Shower Sex.
To An Outside Observer - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus missed his potion. Severus is displeased

Control - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin’s introspection upon watching Snape from afar.
Full Moon Triptych - Rated PG-13. Related drabbles.
Incriminating Evidence - Rated R. Summary: Snape goes looking for incriminating evidence, and finds it…but he didn’t expect what he actually finds.
Taking Matters in Hand - Rated NC-17. Summary: In the aftermath of Lupin’s dressing down, Snape takes matters into his own hands.
Those That Can, Do - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus is hurt and in need, but can’t take care of himself. Will Remus?


Almost - Rated PG. Summary: Remus reflects on what he wants and never seems to be able to have.
Almost Too Late - Rated R. Summary: When Severus finds out Remus is near death, he is driven to do something about it.
Bad Boy - Rated R.
Bad Idea - Rated G. Drabble.
Beauty - Rated PG. Summary: Severus doesn't need social approval.
Believe - Rated PG. Drabble.
Building Blocks - Rated PG. Summary: Remus has an alluring hobby...
A Cause for Celebration - Rated R. Summary: Remus thinks there is cause for celebration... but does Severus even remember why?
The Changeling - Rated R. Summary: A supernatural encounter in the Forbidden Forest gives Severus a glimpse of how a single event changed his life forever.
Choices - Rated PG. Summary: We are defined by the choices we make; and sometimes a single choice has far more impact that we might ever dream possible.
Cognition - Rated R. Summary: Severus helps Remus keep more than just his mind during the full moon.
Cold Comfort - Rated PG. Summary: Stranded in a very bad situation, Remus tries to escape.
Confection - Rated R. Summary: Severus discovers an interesting use for a Muggle treat.
Conspiracy Theory - Rated R. Summary: When Albus Dumbledore decides to play matchmaker, Severus and Remus decide to resist... together. Accompanying art by ildi_bp - Rated PG.
Danger - Rated PG. Drabble.
Decorations - Rated PG. Drabble.
Defining Moments - Rated R. Summary: Several key moments in a Potions Master's life.
Destination Unknown - Rated R. Summary: Remus is acting strangely, and Severus is determined to find out why.
Enemy Mine - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Every Breath You Take - Rated R. Summary: Safety often requires painful sacrifices.
Famous Last Words - Rated R. Summary: Revenge is a dish that is sometimes better served hot.
First, Last, Always - Rated G. Drabble.
Gethsemane - Rated PG. Summary: Sometimes the even the devil himself can be the one facing temptation.
Hearts and Flowers - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus receives flowers from an unknown admirer.
House of the Rising Moon - Rated R. Summary: Remus discovers that exorcising his ghosts means leaving the past behind.
Inconstant Moon - Rated R.
Inside the Rain Part I Part II - Rated R. Summary: While in hiding, Severus receives an unexpected visitor. Illustrated by ildi_bp.
Late Lament - Rated PG. Summary: Severus has a late realization. Dark.
Learning by Observation - Rated NC-17. Summary: Harry gets an unexpected education.
Learning to Read the Signs - Rated PG-13. Summary: After Sirius' death, Remus goes missing, and Severus goes looking for him... only to find a lot more than he bargained for.
Apt Pupil (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: The day after Remus saves Severus from the anger of the werewolves at his hasty words in the bar Raging Moon, the Potions Master learns yet more about werewolves - this time things far more to his liking.

Let No Shadows Lie Upon Me - Rated PG. Summary: A public memorial service and a private reminiscence. Mentions of character deaths.
Life Debt - Rated NC-17. Summary: In the midst of death and destruction, Severus touches a life that will come to influence him in more ways than he could ever have known.
Look It Up - Rated PG. Summary: Remus is just full of questions.
Mating Habits - Rated PG. Summary: What Severus knows about werewolves.
Moments - Rated PG.
Moonlight and Silver - Rated R. Summary: Summary: Some things that are beautiful are also quite deadly.
Moulin Noir - Rated R. Summary: In the time just after the first war, Severus has an encounter with someone he never expected to see, in a place he never would have imagined.
Moving Through a Mirror Clear - Rated PG. Summary: Severus sees his heart's desire.
Necessity - Rated R. Summary: Necessity sometimes gives rise to something deeper.
No Words - Rated PG. Drabble.
Overheard - Rated G. Drabble.
Pen and Ink - Rated R. Drabble.
Poor Substitute - Rated R. Summary: Remus' favorite cardigan is missing.
Pressure - Rated PG-13. Summary: Pressure comes in many different forms, but all of them must eventually be released.
Proof of Ownership - Rated R. Summary: Remus declares his love for Severus in a rather symbolic way.
A Reasonable Proposition - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus makes Remus a very surprising offer.
Research Project - Rated R. Summary: Know your subject thoroughly before giving an opinion.
Revealed - Rated R.
Secrets - Rated PG. Drabble.
Severus in Wonderland - Rated PG. Summary: Severus has a dream.
Sports - Rated R. Summary: Severus finds out his lover has "Got Game."
Sweet - Rated R. Summary: Remus follows his nose and finds something unexpected at the end.
Symphony - Rated R. Drabble.
That Certain Look - Rated PG. Drabble.
Thinking Out Loud - Rated R. Summary: Remus says what is on his mind, and is surprised at the consequences.
Torture - Rated R. Summary: Severus enjoys his power over Remus.
Trick-or-Treating - Rated R. Summary: Severus goes gathering potion ingredients on Hallowe'en.
Unclean - Rated PG. Summary: Snape uses someone who loves him. Humour.
Unlikely Cupid - Rated G.
Waiting is the Hardest Part - Rated R. Summary: Remus waited all of his life for the man he loved... but did he wait too long?
A Wedding in Seven Drabbles - Rated G.
Words, Words, Words - Rated PG-13. Drabble.

arionrhod & McKayscribbulus_ink:Better to Copulate Than Never - Rated PG-13. (the smutty bit) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus makes a change, and Remus wants to know why.
Out-takes from the_leaky
Brotherly Love - Rated R. Summary: If you don't read The Leaky RPG, all you need to know is that Serenus is Snape's twin brother (Severus is the "evil" twin; Serenus is the "good" twin; in true soap fashion, they were separated at birth). This is an AU scene, not meant to reflect what actually happened following the in-game scene. Incest. Severus/Remus/Serenus (Snape’s OC twin brother)
Not Quite the Birthday Song - Rated R. Summary: Remus and Severus perform a special number. Cross-dressing. This is an AU scene for The Leaky RPG, written as a birthday gift for one of the game readers.

arrmaitee & daylyn: His Screams Fill the Night - Rated R. Drabble, darkish.

arsenicjade: Touch and Go - Rated NC-17. Summary: Harry Potter. Remus gets captured. Severus brews up new potions. Draco defects. It all comes together somehow. Snape/Lupin, Harry/Draco.

ashinae & cruisedirector:
Tea and Chocolate (series) - Rated PG. Summary: Molly Weasley has had enough of watching two unhappy men avoid each other.
Bitter Sweets (sequel) - Rated PG. Summary: Snape has a pocket full of candy and no good explanation for why it's there.
Crazy Little Thing (companion piece by ashinae) - Rated PG. Summary: A little part of Snape never gave up on a silly teenage flight of fancy.
Late to the Feast (sequel) - Rated PG. Summary: The night after the full moon, two wizards can't sleep.
Sealed With A Kiss (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape and Lupin travel away from Grimmauld Place to do some research for the Order.
Sleepless (sequel) Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus and Severus trade confessions.
Better Than Chocolate (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Chocolate, cherries, caramels, kisses, and possibly the beginning of the end of the world.
Recanting (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus and Severus consider the implications of keeping their promises.
Who's Afraid (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: First Snape has to explain things to himself, then to Lupin, because eventually he will have to explain them to Harry Potter.
Assent (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: In some ways Potter is still only a child. In other ways he's not allowed to be.
Charmed Memory (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lucius Malfoy forces Snape to relive the past.
Monstrous (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: "Monster" is a relative term.
Rapacious (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Malfoy wants something from Snape, who wants something in return.

Astro599-SpaceCoyote: In the Pursuit of Apathy - Rated NC-17. Summary: His eyes snapped open and the voices came into clear focus as Remus remembered the ambush.


Always, Never, Only - Rated R.
Snapshot - Rated R. Summary: A picture is worth a thousand words unsaid.
Sunshine - Rated PG.
Untitled comment ficlet - Rated PG-13.

atrata: A Fool Too Late - Rated NC-17. Summary: Summary: Harry tries to rescue Professor Lupin, but it doesn't go quite the way he'd planned. SS/RL/HP.

Aviatrix: A Cold Coming We Had Of It - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus and Severus are soul mates, but both of them died before they realized it. Will they get the chance to be together in the afterlife?

Azriona: Harry Potter, Broadway Style! Grease - Rated PG. Summary: When Sirius' attempt to meddle in Remus' and Severus' love-affair goes awry, he decides its high time he drop out of Hogwarts. A parody of Jim Jacobs' and Warren Casey's musical "Grease."

Authors: B

Please remember to leave feedback! Authors thrive on it and might be encouraged to write more!

Bagoas Alexandros:
In This Life - Rated R. Summary: Remus and Severus discover past lives and past loves...will this life end in the tragedy of the former?
No One's More Surprised Than Me - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus goes through Severus' personal belongings following his presumed death to discover something about Snape he'd never have dreamed of.
Slave - Rated R. Summary: Due to Ministry decree, all werewolves must become property. To Remus' horror, he becomes the property of Severus Snape.
What The Portrait Saw - Rated NC-17. Summary: One evening the picture of Mrs Black sees something new.

A Singular Touch of Grace - Rated: NC-17. Summary: Lupin needs Snape's help. Snape is unexpectedly willing.
The Black Scarf Incident. Rated: NC-17. Summary: Lupin encourages Snape to be creative--much to the benefit of both wizards.
The Longest Time - Rated NC-17. Summary: Love letters by owl post. Someone is using the school owls to send Severus love letters. He writes back. Group membership required.
Negligence - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape needs Lupins assistance. At once.
Sal Si Puedes II - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape returns to the fold as a Death Eater and aids in Voldemort's defeat. But at what price? (Angst)
Sal Si Puedes III (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape and Lupin discover the consequences of their actions.

BeccaFran: Learning Your Lesson - Rated NC-17. Summary: Tonks learns what the consequences are when she involves herself in other people's affairs. Tonks/Lupin/Snape. Password required.

beckyhoadley: Transformations - Rated NC-17. Summary: Once a month the roles are reversed.


Be Careful What You Ask For - Rated R. Summary: It becomes unsafe for Remus Lupin to leave number 12, Grimmauld Place, and Severus Snape is conscripted into bringing him supplies and the Wolfsbane Potion. Over time, Remus' 'wolf' begins to regard Severus as his pack leader. One day, Severus is shocked when Remus obeys a sarcastic order.
Dare You - Rated R.
Learning - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape accidentally finds out about a side effect of the Wolfsbane potion.

berret: Ruse - Rated PG-13. Drabble.


Let Them Eat Cake - Rated PG.
Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail and Moony - Rated PG. Drabble.
Roy G. Biv - Rated G. Drabble.
Un endroit secret - Rated PG-13.
Untitled humour - Rated PG.
Whatever It Takes - Rated PG. Drabble.
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? - Rated G. Drabble.


And Tell No One - Rated PG. Summary: The only time Sirius knew defeat. And it was by Snape. Severus/Remus.
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall - Rated R. Summary: Molly can't stop crying and Snape burns the eggs. Post OotP. Remus/Severus, implied Remus/Sirius.

Betsanne: The Pain of Misunderstandings - Rated NC-17. Summary: Harry Potter is in love with Severus and Remus, who are together. Before he graduates, Harry Potter spends the night with them. Hurt and in pain because he thinks his feelings aren't returned, Harry leaves Hogwarts. Harry finds out that he is pregnant. Will he tell Severus and Remus? Is there any hope for the three men? SS/HP/RL, Threesomes, MPreg.

Black Bludger:
Black - Rated NC-17.
Summary: Remus and Severus are pulled into a dangerous triangle with Sirius. Snape/Lupin, Black/Lupin, Snape/Black. Violence.
Night Visitor - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape visits Lupin repeatedly during the late hours of the night.

blackberrysugar: Tears in the Cold - Rated PG-13.

The Answers He Needs - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape uses the Veritaserum Potion on Lupin and discovers surprising things about one of his most hated enemies.
Dogs and Cats - Rated PG-13. Summary: One of the worst things about having Sirius gone is that there's no one to stay with Lupin when he transforms. But then, an animal starts to join him during the full moon. They quickly bond. Lupin is convinced it is an Animagus, and is determined to find his real identity.
Dying to Live - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin just wants to roll over on his back and whine when he hears Snape's menacing voice.
Saving Grace - Rated R. Summary: Remus catches Severus attempting suicide.
With My Last Breath - Rated PG-13. Summary: Trapped somewhere with a seriously injured Severus, how might Remus keep him connected to the living?

Black Spot: Snape's Makeover - Rated G.

bleodswain: Soldier of Light - Rated R. Dark.

The Lady and the Lion - Rated M. Summary: "They took him off the chains at dawn, when light broke through..."
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.

Crossing the Floor - Rated PG-13.
Upon a Midnight Clear - Rated PG. Summary: Christmas fic.

blue_raven & tabiji: A Stitch Out of Time - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus isn't known for his patience.

Cinnamon and Asphodel - Rated PG. Drabble.
Sacred - Rated PG-13. Dark ficlet.

Bohemian Storm: Watcher - Rated K+. Summary: A look into an obsessive relationship Severus has with Remus Lupin.

Damballah - Rated PG.
Untitled - Choose Your Own Ending - Rated (?). Choose your own adventure with this interactive fic. SS/RL and HP/DM.

bookworm-jill: Piano Lessons - Rated K+. summary: A blinded Remus, and a (you'll have to read to find out) Snape, care for a catatonic Harry.

br_inner_circle: On a Night Like This - Rated NC-17. Summary: A glimpse into nature of Severus and Remus' relationship.

Bretta: Hopeless - Rated PG. Summary: Remus didn't realise that he was in love with Snape. Until he instinctively took the hit that was meant for the snarky Potions master.


100 Points from Gryffindor - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape interrupts Muggle Studies for a quick shag.
It's Hard to Shop for Bananas - Rated R. Summary: Lupin drags Snape to shop for muggle groceries in London.

bucketofribs: Not What It's Cracked Up to Be - Rated PG. Summary: Everyone gets bad gifts from time to time.

The 500 socks of Severus Snape - Rated PG-13.
Affinity - Rated R. Drabble. Character death.
Allergy - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Carnal Knowledge - Rated NC-17. Summary: Summary: Bodyswitch! Featuring snarky!Remus and sensitive!Severus, with guest appearance by incoherent!Harry. Includes Snape's mind inside Lupin's body during a full moon night and Virgin!Severus.
Dream of Me - Rated R. Summary: Remus is having nightmares about Severus and finds out the nightmares are coming true (not prophetic nightmares about actual events, but literal nightmares that are inflicted on Severus).
Following Me and Mine - Rated G. Summary: A dinner and a relationship in 4 100-word drabbles. With tuna.
Inventory - Rated R. Summary: Severus is devastated by Sirius' death. Why? How can Remus help?
Jobberknoll - Rated G. Drabble.
Even the Moon - Rated R. Summary: Pity sugar makes it ineffective.
Nothing (prequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus Lupin contemplates Sunyata (nothingness, emptiness), and Severus Snape finds a house and eats oranges.

R and D - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus' new potion has an unexpected side effect, and Remus' Snark proves to be a Boojum.
The Waltz Continues (sequel) - Rated NC-17.

Room of Requirement - Rated NC-17. Summary: “Trapped together on the night of the full moon, mate or die”; scarred!Remus, growling!Remus, “the two get very, very drunk”

butter_cup: Payback's a Bitch - Rated PG. Drabble.

Authors: C

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Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG-13. Drabble.

caliowiel: Granted - Rated PG. Drabble, dark.

Hope Springs Eternal - Rated PG.
Necessary Measures - Rated Adult. Summary: Remus must bond with a new mate or die, combined with Remus has the urge to roll-over in response to Severus' voice.

cardillo_caro: Late Night Potion - Rated NC-17.

careena: Because Cornelius Fudge Copped A Feel - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape decides to search for a suitable partner. He does so very systematically and unemotionally. Then, with similar cold logic, he sets out to win his man.

Ill Met by Moonlight - Rated R. Summary: Semi-consensual.
The Only Thing - Rated NC-17. Summary: Blowjob, questionable consent.

English 101 - Rated PG. Drabble.
Hands - Rated PG. Drabble.
Loving the Enemy, Rated PG. "He is the Half-Blood Prince in exile. He is the dashing werewolf spy sent to capture him." Written for karasu_hime's accompanying cover art.
A Prefect's Duty - Rated R. Written for karasu_hime's art Autumn Love (SS/SB, SS/SB/RL)
Scofflaw - Rated R.
Talk Like A Pirate Day - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabbles.
Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.

Cat Samwise: When the Bundimuns Came - Rated R. Summary: The Hogwarts dungeon is infested with Bundimuns and for their own safety everyone are forced to move out for a week.

cave_canem: Just One Little Change - Ratd PG-13. Summary: Remus Lupin and a dinner of roast beef successfully conspire to get under Snape's skin. Snape finally throws both caution and one of the oldest rules in the books to the winds and gets an answer to his question.

Building a Family - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus decides to help out with the war orphan situation by becoming a foster parent. However, werewolves are prohibited from adopting, and Remus is devastated when it becomes clear that a child he had hoped would be with him forever is going to be removed from his home.
Fools In Love - Rated PG-13. Summary: Things are changing in Snape's life, and he realizes he is no longer happy being left alone. He decides to form a friendship, and since Lupin is one of the very few who have been willing to spend time in his company in the past, he decides to start there.

ceris: Howling at the Moon - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lupin's monthly transformation is becoming more diffcult, and the Wolfsbane is losing its potency. Snape has to chain Lupin up in a dungeon...

chaos_mystic: Closer - Rated PG. Drabble.

charlotteschaos: The Princess and the Pee - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus can't sleep and somehow it's Lupin's problem. Warning: Watersports; ingestion.

Losing Control - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus has a dom side, and Sev loves it. PWP. Warning: Accidental and deliberate wetting, drinking piss, some light paddling.
The Mating Habits of Fairies - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus catches Sev in an awkward situation, but finds that they share a kink. Warning: Deliberate wettings, sixth years, and discussion of fairy sex.


Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood - Rated NC-17. Summary: After Voldemort's final defeat, Hogwarts celebrates with a Masked Ball.
Sleep Disorders - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus sometimes has trouble falling asleep.

chibimonnie: Figured You Out - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape and Lupin are alone at 12 Grimmauld Place and reach a reconciliation. Site password required.

Chris F.: Happy - Rated R. Heavy angst warning.

circe_tigana: Sympathy for the Devil - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape uses Occlumency/Legilimency on Lupin for the first time. Dark, accompanying graphics.

The Morning News - Rated K+. Summary: What if werewolves and their mates had extraordinarily long lifespans?
Mother Tongue - Rated K+. Summary: Some people don't need words to speak. And sometimes there are things too powerful to say.
Refuge - Rated T. Summary: Set around 1980 - Severus was the last person Remus expected to find in the bar. Two soldiers find solace from the war.
Severus: A Prayer - Rated K+. Summary: In the doorway between life and death...
Stupid - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape desperately wants Lupin, and he knows Lupin would agree to be with him if he just asked. But Snape has not asked. Why? Because Remus Lupin is the guardian of Harry Potter.

cluegirl: Lather - Rated NC-17. Summary: A friendly wager between the last of the Death Eaters, and the last of the Marauders.

The Art of Distraction - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus is grading papers. Remus pays a visit.
Good Ideas - Rated NC-17. Summary: "This what you want, Lupin? Rough, grimy, in the middle of this dirty corridor where anyone could walk by?"
Say It - Rated NC-17. Summary: All Remus wants is for Severus to say one little sentence.

cmshaw: No Choice of Poisons - Rated NC-17. Summary: Twelve years after the downfall of Lord Voldemort, two unhappy veterans meet again.

coloraturagirl: Untitled - Rated PG-13. Drabble.

coolteamblt: Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.


Untitled drabble - Rated PG-13. Telegrams. Humour.
Untitled drabble - Rated PG-13. Pondering scars.

Animals and Angels - Rated NC-17. Domestic abuse.
The Argument - Rated NC-17.
Broken - Rated PG-13.
Childhood's Hour - Rated R. Summary: There's another boy who watches like he watches and knows what he knows.
Home - Rated PG-13. Summary: When Severus Snape is in the right place at the right time to protect Remus Lupin from his pursuers, he gets a lot more than he bargained for...
Leave a Mark - Rated R.
Black and Blue - Rated NC-17.
Song of Degrees - Rated PG.
Theory and Practice - Rated PG.
Transformation - Rated R. Summary: Half-naked post-transformation Snape-ravished Remus.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG-13. Drabble.

1 + 1 = 3 - Rated PG. Summary: Mpreg drabble.
All That Glitters - Rated PG-13.
Tough Love (sequel) - Rated NC-17.
Starting Over (sequel) - Rated NC-17.

Baiting the Trap/The Fifth Marauder - Rated PG-13. Companion drabbles.
Better Late Than Never - Rated G. Drabble.
Dancing Lessons - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Decisions, Decisions - Rated PG. Drabble.
Delusional - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Everything I Ever Wanted - Rated G. Drabble.
Front Page News - Rated G. Drabble.
Give and Take - Rated PG. Drabble.
The Lonely Soldier - Rated PG-13.
Two's A Crowd (sequel) - Rated PG.

Moonlit Dreams - Rated G. Drabble.
More Than Words - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Not Good Enough Rated PG.
Packmates - Rated NC-17. Summary: When Snape and Lupin are captured on the full moon, their only chance of survival is for Snape to face his worst fear.
Perseverance - Rated NC-17. Severus/Remus, Kingsley/Severus
Resistance is Futile - Rated NC-17.
Sacrificial Lambs - Rated PG-13. Warning for character death.
Secret Weapon - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin will only confess his love to Snape twenty-one times.
A Slow Boil - Rated NC-17.
Spy Trilogy - Rated NC-17. Summary: Slightly AU, set after OoTP. Snape and Lupin get ogether...eventually.
Dream Lovers - Rated PG. Accompanying drabble, Harry's POV.

Trust No One? - Rated NC-17. Summary: In which explanations are given and the reader is reminded that just because a character says something, doesn't make it so. Also, spanking.
Untitled - Rated R.

coreopsis: Everything Is Not Broken - Rated G. Summary: Lupin and Snape have to work together.

Avarice - Rated R. Drabble.
Bleed - Rated NC-17. Summary: For Remus, pain is meaningless without blood. Blood play, masturbation, somewhat dark.
Gotcha - Rated NC-17. Summary: It sends Remus’ heart racing as he braces himself for a hand to snatch his arm, land on his shoulder, grab him somewhere. And when Severus does, he always leans in and mutters into Remus’ ear, “Gotcha.” Cratolagnia (arousal from strength and being overpowered).
La Douleur et la Récompense - Rated NC-17. Summary: He is waiting, waiting for the next strike. The silence is deafening. He can hear each and every sound; his fast breathing, the faint creaking of the bed, the thump of his pulse in his head.
Lupin the Slytherin - Rated PG. Drabble.
Memory - Rated G. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated NC-17. Drabble.

Craww: Beast, Book and Scandal - Rated PG-13. Summary: Fun with innuendoes in the library.


All Right - Rated PG-13. Summary: Sometimes it takes a few minutes just to understand the question.
All True (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Each "yes" gets a little easier.
All the Time (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Summary: Everything can change in an instant, but that doesn't make it easier to hold on to the moment.
All at Once (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: It's hard to keep your balance when the world has shifted.

Alter - Rated PG. Drabble.
Balance - Rated NC-17. Summary: Before he reversed the simple locking spell and opened the door, Remus already knew what he would find inside. Sirius/Severus, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Severus. (AU)
Be Mine - Rated PG. Summary: Remus knows the card wasn't meant to be cruel.
Bend - Rated NC-17. Summary: "You were teasing me. Bending over your desk. You know I can't resist that."
Calling the Wind - Rated PG. Summary: 25 years later, Severus stands before the Veil.
Combustible, Outtake - Rated PG. Companion drabbles.
Conjecture - Rated PG. Drabble.

Confidence - Rated NC-17. Summary: What if you had no choice but to tell your lover everything?
Confidential (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: When someone can read your mind, there's really not much point in denying that you want what you want.

Dormant - Rated R. Summary: Lupin persuades Snape to try a garden protection charm.
Escapism - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin's had enough of magic.
Undergrowth (sequel) Rated PG-13.
Summary: The house is old, the garden's a jungle, and Lupin isn't sure what can be salvaged.
Parched (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: It won't blossom in the City of Light or the Kingdom of Heaven, but in darker, quieter places.
Sequestered (companion piece) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lupin asks Snape to act out his fantasies; Snape is only too happy to comply.
Everything (sequel) - Rated R.
Dessert (companion piece) - Rated NC-17.

Down - Rated PG. Drabble.
Happy - Rated NC-17. Summary: Happy January 9th. Traditional kinky birthday celebration.
In the Land of Magic - Rated PG-13. Summary: There were rumors about the reclusive potion-makers living on the outskirts of Glastonbury.
Likeness - Rated PG. Drabble.
Mellowing - Rated G. Drabble.
Mercy Series:
Nonconsensual - Rated R. Summary: "I don't understand why you fight yourself."
Kinks - Rated NC-17. Summary: Soon desire would overcome dread, and the past.
Mercy - Rated NC-17. Summary: "I don't want to use Immobilus. I want you to hold still because I told you to."
Fire With Fire - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus can tell when the Dark Mark is hurting Severus; he feels the same way before moonrise.

Open Handed - Rated G. Drabble.
Rage and Envy - Rated PG. Drabble.
Riddikulus - Rated G. Drabble.
Safe Words Series:
Safe Words I: Compellation - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lupin likes the way Snape says his name.
Safe Words II: Affirmation - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape doesn't want to wait until the next full moon.
Safe Words III: Extemporization - Rated NC-17. Summary: Some surprises are pleasant, some less so, and some are dangerous.
Safe Words IV: Inflammation - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus will do what is necessary to distract Severus from Voldemort's demands.
Safe Words V: Inhibition - Rated NC-17. Summary: Love is never a safe word.
Safe Words Coda: Conium Immaculatum - Rated R. Summary: "Hemlock" means never having to say you're sorry.

Saving the World - Rated NC-17. Summary: Before the world ends, Snape has one more thing to prove to himself.
Sequential Folly - Rated PG. Summary: No, really, he shouldn't have. At least not again. And again.
Somniloquy - Rated G. Drabble.
Stings - Rated PG. Summary: He could stand the pain if he could face the memories. Past-tense character death.
Swab - Rated G. Drabble.
Tokens - Rated G. Drabble.
Unrepentant - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape has an anonymous pen pal.
Valentine - Rated PG-13. Summary: The card is near the bottom of Severus' bedside chest. Implied character death.
Quicken (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: The stage of grief after denial is anger.

What the Squid Saw - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape knew he shouldn't have drunk all that butterbeer. Warning: Watersports
Worst Fear - Rated PG. Drabble.

cruisedirector & ashinae:
Tea and Chocolate (series) - Rated PG. Summary: Molly Weasley has had enough of watching two unhappy men avoid each other.
Bitter Sweets (sequel) - Rated PG. Summary: Snape has a pocket full of candy and no good explanation for why it's there.
Crazy Little Thing (companion piece by ashinae) - Rated PG. Summary: A little part of Snape never gave up on a silly teenage flight of fancy.
Late to the Feast (sequel) - Rated PG. Summary: The night after the full moon, two wizards can't sleep.
Sealed With A Kiss (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape and Lupin travel away from Grimmauld Place to do some research for the Order.
Sleepless (sequel) Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus and Severus trade confessions.
Better Than Chocolate (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Chocolate, cherries, caramels, kisses, and possibly the beginning of the end of the world.
Recanting (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus and Severus consider the implications of keeping their promises.
Who's Afraid (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: First Snape has to explain things to himself, then to Lupin, because eventually he will have to explain them to Harry Potter.
Assent (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: In some ways Potter is still only a child. In other ways he's not allowed to be.
Charmed Memory (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lucius Malfoy forces Snape to relive the past.
Monstrous (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: "Monster" is a relative term.
Rapacious (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Malfoy wants something from Snape, who wants something in return.


Don't Go - Rated PG-13.
Like The Deserts Miss The Rain - Rated PG-13.
'What Goes Around' and 'Not Such a Bad Thing' - Rated PG. Related drabbles.

curia_regis: The Holiday - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape gets sent on a 'holiday' with Lupin and Charlie.

cypressblack: How Things Work - Rated PG. Summary: Severus Snape hates Remus Lupin. Remus hates him back. That’s how things work. ...Right?

Authors: D

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The Perfect Batch - Rated G. Drabble.
Suck - Rated R. Summary: Snape hated behaving this way, especially in front of the werewolf, but no one else was willing to do what Severus needed.

Dahlias: A Brand New Future - Rated PG. Summary: Mauraders Era - Severus watches on as his werewolf lover defends their relationship to the Mauraders and one highly annoyed Lily who takes it into her own hands to set things straight.

dalhessian: Penance - Rated R. Summary: RL/SS and SB/SS.

damoon: The Night of the Fall Festival - Rated K. Summary: Remus and Severus interact during a Hogwarts festival. Two people that are very much alike but just don't know it.

danceswchopstck: An Uncomfortable Conversation - Rated R. Drabble.

darkelf83: Chosen - Rated PG-13. Summary: Some things happen at rather inconvenient times. Mpreg.

littlemimm: Kiss in the Rain - Rated PG. Summary: There is life after death. It's just slightly different. Character death.

darknesslament: A Year - Rated G.

Licked - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape & Lupin fuck while Lupin’s a werewolf with pure werewolf mind. Bestiality.
Used (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape blackmails the cognizant Lupin into doing it again.

DarkOkinu: When is Dessert? - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus has been going out with Severus for quite some time now. When Severus returns from duty for OotP, the two lover's eat dinner in peace, but does Severus and Remus have something else in mind?

darkrhiannon: Potions Master - Rated G. Summary: The Wolfsbane Potion is more challenging than he'd realized.

thoughtcr1me: The Second War - Rated NC-17. Summary: Old enemies renew their acquaintance.

darth_stitch: First Kiss - Rated PG.

daylyn & arrmaitee: His Screams Fill the Night - Rated R. Drabble, DARK.


Catharsis - Rated PG-13.
Cycles - Rated PG-13. Summary: Every month for the last three years, Snape and Lupin have played a game wherein Lupin must humble himself to request that Snape graciously brew his Wolfsbane. This month, though, Snape changes the rules.
The Irony of Trust - Rated G. A chance meeting on Christmas night and a brief exchange. Set between the pages of HBP.
Still Waters Run Deep - Rated PG-13. Summary: One of Snape's first students is all grown up now and teaching divination.
Bittersweet (sequel) - Rated M. Summary: A story of life, and the things we can't control, and the pain that comes with loving others, and a world that is unsympathetic to sorrow.

Guardo el Lobo - Rated R. Summary: 15th February, 1995. The date is not lost on Severus, and the significance is not lost on Remus.
Of Sugar and Shattered China - Rated PG. Summary: It's the one-year anniversary of a very important date for Remus. He ponders his lot in life and comes to a realisation.
Reward (Greasy Git Remix) - Rated R. Summary: Severus has a werewolf problem.


51 Snupin Challenges - Rated PG-13. Humour.
Snupin Challenges 52-101 (sequel) - Rated PG-13.
What? MORE Snupin Challenges?? (sequel) - Rated PG-13.
Will the Snupin Challenges EVER END?? (sequel) - Rated PG-13.

The Conversation Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape bursts in on Remus unexpectedly to settle some long-standing issues. Character death.
Foolish Red Ink - Rated G. Drabble.
I Know Something You Don't Know - Rated PG. Drabble.
It's Not My Fault I and II - Rated G, PG-13. Related drabbles.
Nostalgia - Rated R. Summary: Severus is captured by Voldemort after he is found out for being a spy. Now that Voldemort has a key member of the Order, he is going to try and pull any information out of him in any way he can, including taking away what Severus values most...
Porch Swing - Rated PG. Drabble.
Revenge is a Bitch Not Very Nice - Rated PG. Drabble.
Somewhere Between Reality and Fiction - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus and Remus discover the computer, and what the computer can be used for.
Tastes - Rated R. Drabble.

dentedsky: Noble House on Fire - Rated R. Summary: Remus is depressed. Harry and Snape help him out. Remus/Severus/Harry/Draco.

desdemona_snape: Let's Play in the Snow - Rated G. Drabble.

The Beginning of the End - Rated PG-13. Scenario: Remus finds out in the boys bathroom that Severus cuts (as in his wrists) and Remus makes him stop.
Hope on Swift Wings - Rated PG.
Inconvenient Feelings - Rated PG.
A Means to and End - Rated NC-17.
The Potion Delivery - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus really knows how to push Severus' buttons. And we all know he has TONS of them!
Shadow Revelations - Rated PG-13.
Twister - Rated G. Drabble.

Watching - Rated G. Drabble.
Wolf - Rated PG. Drabble.


Higher - Rated PG. Summary: A romantic scene atop the Astronomy Tower.
A Substitute for Sex - Rated PG-13. Summary: In a moment of postcoital satisfaction, Lupin considers the future of his relationship with Snape. Wolfish!

31 Flavours - NC17. Summary: Remus Lupin and Severus Snape have been together for almost a year. Their relationship is comfortable, the sex is good...and yet...Lupin yearns for something more. So he persuades his lover to try something new, something kinky: 31 days of being someone "different", courtesy of polyjuice potion.
Hidden Memories - NC17. Summary: Remus is charged with the job of helping an amnesiac Severus and the two become close. Then Severus discovers/remembers what Remus is and what he was like to him in childhood.
Persuasion - NC17. SUMMARY: Three years ago, Remus Lupin was persuaded by friends to end his relationship with Severus Snape. Now Severus is back, a hero in the eyes of the Wizarding World. Remus still loves Severus, but Severus appears to have moved on. Can Remus recapture his lost love?
Room 13 - NC17. SUMMARY: The Three Broomsticks is a traditional trysting ground for all sorts of couples. First time. SS/RL in first part only.
Lacy Things Series - Rated NC-17. Cross-dressing, transsexuals, dominance games, and threesomes.
Walking 'Round in Womens' Underwear -
Summary: What, exactly, does Severus Snape wear under those robes?
Handcuffs at Night (sequel) - Summary: Snape and Lupin face resistance to their relationship from an expected source, and deal with issues of trust.
Something to Talk About (sequel) - Summary:Rumors abound at Hogwarts, and two new lovers must deal with them, as well as their new relationship.
Join the Parade (sequel) - Summary: Remus Lupin gives his lover his greatest desire. SS/RL/HP
Mistakes and Menages (sequel) - Summary: Following his night with Remus and Severus, Harry tries to accept that it was a one-off. Meanwhile, Remus and Severus deal with changes in their relationship.
New Games (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus wants to play. Remus lets Harry stay and watch - on the condition that Harry doesn't interfere and does what Remus orders. Can Harry obey?
Saturday Night Special by Empathic Siren - Rated NC-17. Summary: Watch as Remus and Severus introduce Harry to a brave new world dressed in silk, satin and lace. Continuation of the Lacy Things Series.

Schlafes Bruder - Rated R. Summary: Severus sleeps like the dead. Snape is in Remus’s bed, and Remus is less than pleased.
Truce, Stuck in Darkness, Part II - Rated NC-17.

doctoraicha: Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.

dora_the_nymph: Harry Never Noticed - Rated PG. Summary: Harry was too caught up with himself to see anything else. Warning for character death.

Guess Who's Coming With Dinner? - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape, Lupin, bondage, food, teasing, and sex...
Red-Handed - Rated NC-17.
Staffroom Seduction - Rated NC-17. Warning: BDSM, angst.
The Ties That Bind - Rated NC-17. Summary: Because of a wayward student prank, Snape and Lupin can't move more than a few steps apart from each other for one month.
Good to the Last Drop - Rated NC-17. Summary: Lupin has a coffee machine. Snape is a coffee addict.

subtle_science & Dragon: Red-Handed - Rated NC-17. Summary: On a dare, Harry and Draco visit Snape's room to steal a potion, but they end up seeing a lot more than they bargained for!


The Nibbling Series - Afters (Part I) - Rated R.
Starters (Part II)
Big Plate (Part III)
Dessert (Part IV)

Charity begins at Home - Rated G. Drabble.
The Course of Bile - Rated PG. Related drabbles.
Victory is... - Rated PG. Drabble.

dr_jekyl: Late - Rated PG. Drabble.


Christmas Miracle - Rated K+. Summary: There's only one thing little Harry wants from Santa Claus: A little sister or brother. Remus and Severus try to tell him that it's not possible, but in the end, they can hardly do anything else but believe.
The Cure - Rated T. Summary: I found the Cure, but it seems worthless to me. It's worthless, because I can't give it to you.
Detention Club Little Red Riding Hood - Rated T. Because they get so many detentions, the Marauders get a new assignment, accompanied by Lily and Snape. The Detention Club's version of Little Red Ridinghood pushes the whole school off tracks.
Didn't Make the Same Mistake - Rated PG-13. Summary: OotP-AU. Family Potter is dead, but their baby lives on. Sirius is furious and almost repeats the old mistake, but, fortunately, Severus was cleverer. Remus is preggers, and The Girl Who Lived needs her godparents. HP/DM SS/RL SB/BW HG/BZ.
Gay Werewolves Who Have Kids - an Interview - Rated PG-13. Summary: The one and only interview of Remus Lupin-Snape. Who he's married to, how did they have their children, what are those children named, and how they're raising them.
Goodbyes - Rated PG-13. Summary: In the Final Battle, a great sacrifice is made. A sacrifice everybody's stunned over. Afterwards, secrets are revealed. Funerals are attended. Bonds are broken, and bonds remain. Speeches are spoken. And Severus just doesn't understand. Character death.
Happy Christmas, Severus Snape! - Rated PG-13. Summary: It's the Christmas Eve, and Severus Snape is in hurry. He refuses to help Black and his friend. In his dreams he sees what will happen if he doesn't help Lupin - and he doesn't like that future. Severus decides to do something.
His Eyes - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus has never cheated on Severus. In fact, he has never as much as kissed another guy. However, he is now pregnant -- even though Severus is sterile. Convinced he'd been cheated on, Severus leaves Remus alone with his pregnancy -- until he realizes that Remus might die. But it may already be too late. Mpreg.
It's Good to Die Loved - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus took a hit meant for Severus. He also realizes why exactly he did it - because he's in love with Severus. Now he feels warm, safe, and loved. Dark.
Jessica Is Fine - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus surprises the whole staff of Hogwarts one day by revealing that he has a spouse and two children. Except that he no more has children, thanks to a careless wizard driving a Muggle car. Jessica and Rebecca are dead, but the hardest thing Severus has ever had to do is to convince Remus of the fact. Mpreg. Dark.
Just Wanting to Keep You Safe - Rated PG-13. Summary: Voldemort has planned something particularly nasty, something that Severus highly disapproves. Remus is shocked, Severus is protective, and Dumbledore has plans.
Killer - Rated R. Summary: Dark. When Remus has gone to missing, everybody’s convinced that he is dead -- or that the Death Eaters have captured the werewolf. In the end Severus finds out that everyone has been terribly, horribly wrong.
Meant to Be, Rated PG-13. Summary: Harry has been in Azkaban for years. When he is finally set free, he finds Dumbledore dead, Snape insane, Remus turned into a wolf, and Lucius Malfoy a fugitive innocent of the murder he’s blamed for. When Sirius shows up, though, many things are resolved.
Sweet Dreams - Rated PG-13. Summary: We've both lived long life, love. And now's time for it to end. Sweet dreams, love.
Character death.
To Be a Father - Rated PG-13. Summary: AU. When Remus Lupin is badly injured during a full moon, Severus Snape suddenly finds out that he’s a father. Slipping into a father’s role isn’t easy, especially when worry about Remus is pressing him.
To the Heaven - Rated T. Summary: Severus, almost dead in a secret hide-away with Remus and no escape, is certain he's going to the Hell. Remus tries to tell him otherwise.
Unexpected - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus has a hickey, Snape walks past, Sirius sneaks on Remus's stuff and finds a note, Remus is very much in love, WPP spy on Remus and his mysterious lover, and Sirius throws up when silencing spells fail.
Virgin Blood - Rated M. Summary: On his sixth year, Remus gets raped almost nightly, until somebody tells the Headmaster, who saves him. It isn't until years later that Remus finds out just who saved him.
Warmth - Rated T. Summary: Baby-sitting turns into a nightmare when Voldemort attacks Remus's home to get little Harry. Remus's sacrifice is enough to save the boy, but some people don't take it easily. Like his lover.
When the Shadows Cry - Rated R. Summary: Severus Snap witnesses something about the Black-Lupin marriage he doesn’t want to believe true. Little by little, he finds out that not only it is true, but also Sirius Black doesn’t think that a simple rape is enough to control his submissive husband. RL/SB RL/SS. Accompanying art by the author - Rated PG-13.
Wipe Away Your Tears - Rated K+. Summary: Remus is mourning. Severus sees him crying one day, steps inside and talks to him. Oddly enough, this seems to comfort Remus some way.
Wolfsbane, Love, and Physical Contact - Rated T. Summary: A mistake with Wolfsbane Potion brings about some unexpected consequences, like heroic Snape, puzzled Pomfrey, and terrified Trio.
You Never Know - Rated PG-13. Summary: After Sirius is gone, a strange wolf starts to keep Remus company on the full moon nights. After one especially satisfying night of companionship, Remus and Severus have a couple of problems to deal with... More exactly, five little cubs. Five very lively cubs.

dragonelle_fics: A Piece of Cake - Rated G. Drabble.

dramaphile: Breathless - Rated NC-17. Summary: “I trust you,” Remus says, and presses the white silk scarf into Severus’ hands.

Dreamlover: Need (password req'd)

Beets Make It Sweeter - Rated G. Drabble.
If You Were Truly Evil - Rated NC-17. Summary: After hearing about certain events from Harry, Remus remembers something from his youth.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Rated PG. Drabble.
Maid - Rated PG. Drabble.
Running on Empty - Rated PG-13. Summary: Following the events of HBP, Severus Snape finds himself on the run from Death Eaters, the Ministry and the Order of the Phoenix. Who will be the first to find him?
Seduction Part I, Seduction Part II - Rated PG-13. Companion drabbles.
Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated R. Drabble.
What Could Have Been - Rated G. Drabble.
Wizarding Photographs - Rated G. Drabble.

Duj: A Bludger to the Gut - Rated PG.

dungeons_master: Rendez-vous at Halloween - Rated R.

Authors: E

Please remember to leave feedback! Authors thrive on it and might be encouraged to write more!

Devil in the Details, Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin's got an itch he can't quite scratch, and Severus knows just what he needs.
In the Bottle - Rated G.
Living Legend - Rated NC-17. Summary: Marauders-era fic, Snape decides he needs some "hands-on" experience and chooses Remus as his very special study partner. But there's more to these extracurricular activities than meets the eye.
The Perfect Drug - Rated R. Summary: Ye olde tired love (-er lust) potion cliche.
Pliant - Rated NC-17.
A Fine Romance (sequel) Part I Part II - Rated NC-17.

Procrastination - Rated PG-13.
A Slightly Scorched Serenade - Rated PG. Summary: A loving tribute to the incredible screwball comedy "Bringing Up Baby", set post-war, Remus is again DADA instructor and life has returned to a semblance of normality at Hogwarts until a mysterious package arrives...

ebonlock and lupin_fanatic: Certainty and Uncertainty - Rated G.

Breaking Away - Rated NC-17.
Only The Lonely - Rated NC-17

EgyptianDrag0n: Against All Odds

ekaterinn: Untitled drabbles (3) - Rated R.

elanor_isolda: Christmas Truce - Rated NC-17. Summary: In Seventh year, Snape and Lupin find themselves alone at Christmas and form a temporary truce.

eldnia: Confessions in the Dark - Rated K+. Summary: Under cover of darkness Snape admits his feelings for Lupin.

Cream - Rated NC-17. Summary: Food fetish.
The Trains - Rated NC-17. Summary: Sex in public, masturbation in public.

Eleonora1: Heart of the Night - Rated PG-13. Summary: Voldemort finds out that Severus is a spy, and decides to punish him with a fate worse than death. Severus has to come to terms with a whole new destiny, future, and position. And Remus is the only one who can help him with it.

elfgirljen: A Hinging Moment - Rated PG. Summary: What if Remus had met Snape on the train the train to Hogwarts before he meets Sirius Black and James Potter?

The Fever of the Bone - Rated NC-17. Summary: Five months of full moons.
The Skull Beneath the Skin - Rated NC-17. Summary: The Dark Mark cuts deep. A werewolf understands.
Benediction (sequel) - Rated NC-17.

A Strong Defense - Rated NC-17. Summary: After the battle, the survivors regroup.

Ancient Werewolf Secret - Rated R. Werewolf mating habits. Drabble.
Beauty School Dropouts - Rated NC17. Shaving.
Choices and Chocolate - Rated NC17. Drabble.
Daybreak - Rated R. Drabble.
Havin’ a Heatwave - Rated NC17. Summary: Lupin, chocolate, and the dog days of summer. Snape watches. Drabble.
Night Fever - Rated R. Drabble.
Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Rated NC17. Amomaxia - Sex in a parked - well, in this case, flying - car.
The Potions Master's Tale - Rated R. Narrative poem, dark.
Pygmalion - Rated R. Dark.
Synchronicity - Rated NC17. Three related drabbles. Non-con, humiliation, and schmoop. Darkish.


Alchemy I , II, III - Rated NC-17. Summary: Defeating the Dark Lord requires the unobtainable. To get it, Severus and Remus must do the unthinkable. Mpreg.
Atalanta Fugiens (sequel) - Rated PG. Summary: Summary: Birth can be comic as well as painful.

Bertie Botts' Adult Selection - Rated R. Summary: Severus confiscates some questionable treats, and Remus decides to sample a few.
Cenotaph - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus goes to the cemetery and encounters the unexpected. Motherless Child universe.
A Valediction, Forbidden Mourning (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Remus waits by a grave.

Christmas List - Rated G. Drabble.
Comfort Food, Watchtower - Rated G, PG. Companion drabbles.
Commitment - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus and Remus move in together.
Des vacances avec mon amour - Rated R. Summary: Remus and Severus go camping near a ruin.
Desperation - Rated PG. Drabble.
'Dreams' and 'Reality' - Rated G. Related drabbles.Doing It Right, First Free Halloween - Rated G. Companion drabbles.
Exchange of Winnings - Rated PG-13. Summary: What sort of reward does one give a hiker after he climbs the three highest mountains in Britain?
Beautiful Dreamer (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus takes a well-deserved nap after climbing three mountains in one day. Remus decides to help him relax.

Fairy Tales - Rated G. Drabble.
Fireflies (drabble) ,(extended version) - Rated NC-17. Summary: A little something on a summer’s night….
Five Things That Remus and Severus Did (Or Did Not) Use In Bed - Rated R. Summary: Sex toys.
Follow Your Nose - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus sends Remus on a treasure hunt.
Ghost Story - Rated R. Summary: There’s someone watching Remus when he takes a lover home.
The Gift, Comfort - Rated R, PG. Companion drabbles.
Happy Anniversary - Rated PG. Drabble.
In the Forest - Rated NC-17. Summary: A picnic in the Forest turns erotic.
It Keeps Me Alive - Rated R. Summary: Remus wakes up alone in his mother's spare bedroom.
It's Kama Sutra Time - Rated R.
Knowledge of Desire - Rated NC-17. Summary: What does one buy for a man who hates everything?
Land of the Free - Rated PG. Drabble.
Love Letters - Rated R. Summary: Remus is stuck in London. Severus is stuck in Hogwarts. What’s a horny werewolf to do?
Lovers In a Dangerous Time Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V - Rated NC-17. Summary: Very, very, very dark. Rape, scarification, blood. Remus/Macnair, Remus/Tonks, Remus/Severus.
'Lupin's Papers' and 'Snape's Pocket Crosswords' - Rated G. Related drabbles.
Mating Season - Rated R. Drabble.
May Eve - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus and Severus prepare their garden for planting.
Midnight Snack - Rated G. Drabble.
Mile High Club - Rated R.
The most important item - Rated G. Drabble.
Motherless Child - Rated R. Summary: Remus brings home a stray during the full moon.
*Timeline of stories in the Motherless Child universe
New York Minute Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV - Rated NC-17.
Delayed Reaction (sequel) - Rated R.
Body Art (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: Summary: Remus celebrates being alive after surviving a terrorist attack.
Mating Season (sequel) Part II Part III - Rated R. Summary: Moving into a new house and new relationship is never easy, especially when not all of your friends approve.

Next Time, Ask - Rated R. Summary: Severus and Remus decide to spice up their sex life. Too bad they didn’t check with each other first.
Old Acquaintances - Rated R. Summary: Old schoolfellows will pop up in the most unexpected places.
Overdose - Rated G. Drabble.
Patental Instincts, Mating Instincts - Rated PG. Companion drabbles.
Pot, Meet Kettle (drabble), (extended version) - Rated R. Summary: Sirius learns that the truth is a double-edged sword, and Remus suspects that he isn't quite what his friends want him to be.
Reality - Rated G. Drabble.
Relics - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus and Remus unpack after moving to their new home.
Secret Keeper - Rated R. Mpreg. This is a follow-up and should be read after reading In a Delicate Way by scribbulus_ink (McKay).
Seen at Boots the Chemist - Rated G. Drabble.
Someday - Rated G. Drabble.
Soundtrack - Rated PG-13. Summary: Everyone's love life has a soundtrack.
Teaching a Lesson - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus was supposed to bring Remus a souvenir from the conference...
Thunderstorm (drabble) - Rated PG. Thunderstorm (expanded) - Rated R. Summary: Severus calls a quidditch match in the rain.
Troubadour Books - Rated NC-17. Summary: Bookstores are the perfect place to shop, and more.
Truth - Rated NC-17. Summary: Percy Weasley has to prove his loyalty.
Wet Dream - Rated PG. Drabble.
Wolf Cassidy and the Potions Kid - Rated PG. Drabble.
You Want Me To Do What? - Rated G. Drabble.

Lust of a Different Kind - Rated R. Drabble.
Surprise - Rated G. Drabble.

The Best Knowledge of All - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus learns many things at Hogwarts.
A Dichotomy of Thought - Rated PG. Drabble.

Elmo44449999: Vanilla-Scented Smoke - Rated PG-13. Rating: PG-13. Summary: Lupin and Snape have their differences. But when Lupin's life is put in danger, it turns out that Snape cares enough to take action. How much trouble will they get into in order to protect each other? And what, exactly, is driving them to want to make their lives fit together? When plan after farfetched plan fails, Lupin and Snape will have to take a big step and acknowledge that spending their lives together is far more important than being practical.

Em Conway:
Through Her Eyes - Rated PG-13. Summary: Sirius Black cannot "move on" or so to speak before he fixes the mess he made when he was alive. One of them is ruining Remus’ chance with Severus.
Thirteen Hairs - Rated R. Summary: Snape needs a werewolf "part" (i.e. fur, spit, semen...) for a very challenging potion that could win him great renown. The only thing is, the part must be willingly contributed.

Bathtime Fun With Severus Snape - Rated NC-17.

Ice Breath - Rated PG.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Visit To The Dungeons - Rated R.

Empathic Siren: Saturday Night Special - Rated NC-17. Summary: Watch as Remus and Severus introduce Harry to a brave new world dressed in silk, satin and lace. Continuation of the Lacy Things Series by dkwilliams

enni: Love is Blind - Rated G. Summary: It all started with a note and a blindfold, but it turned into something much more.

eponis (Sinope):
Anything Quite So Unreal - Rated R. Summary: Two rather lonely men, one monthly excuse for conversation, and several fresh artichokes.
Dreamless Sleep - Rated PG. Summary: It's about sleep. Part of the "More Placid Stars" universe.
For to Preserve This Day - Rated G. Summary: A twenty-year-old Remus tries to convince too many people of too many things, with limited success. Coffee and chocolate are consumed, and Hogsmeade has a white Christmas. (Gen, but can be read as SS/RL)
Forgetting - Rated PG. Summary: Remus jumps. Part of the "More Placid Stars" universe.
More Placid Stars - Rated PG. Summary: Severus and Remus grow old at Hogwarts; time passes, seeds blossom, and change becomes difficult.
Thirteen Ways - Rated R. Summary: Facets of a relationship of necessity. Too little is given and too much is wanted, but Lupin and Snape don't have the luxury of new beginnings. Post-OotP.

Eppie Black: The Good Wolf - Rated PG-13. Summary: Soon after OotP, Lupin is pregnant. Though he wants nothing more than to keep his child, he is forced to conclude that the best thing he can do is have an abortion.

epsilon_delta: The Sun and the Wind - Rated PG. Summary: Dumbledore tries to play matchmaker, but can't seem to get through to a certain stubborn Potions Master.

Eulalie Moire:
Buying Time - Rated T. Summary: Sirius thinks Severus is cheating on Remus.
Public Adoration - Rated PG-13. Summary: Severus and Remus sleep together without really understanding the consequences.

Out of the World of Men - Rated Adult. Summary: Remus/Severus, Remus/Sirius.
Unsullied - Rated PG.

ev_vy: Year After Year - Rated G. Drabble.

Too Late - Rated PG. Drabble.
Undone - Rated G. Drabble.
Walls Have Ears - Rated NC-17. Summary: Mrs. Black sees something else.

Authors: F

Please remember to leave feedback! Authors thrive on it and might be encouraged to write more!

Marmalade vs. Coffee - Rated PG.
Moons Bite - Rated M15+. Summary: The full moon is howling for action and Remus finally answers the call.


Interlude - Rated PG-13.
Spice - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus is a vampire who has taken interest in a human, Remus, for more than a meal.
Untitled ficlet - Rated PG. Dark.

felis snape: Sweet Lips of Poison and Passion - Rated K+. Summary: Feelings many talk about now began somehow. This time, they began during a potions project.

handful: Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.

Comfort - Rated PG-13. Drabble.
Courting Severus Snape - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus decides to court Severus. A day-by-day, dialogue account. Humour.
A Dish Best Served Cold - Rated PG-13.
Of Wolves and Boggarts - Rated PG. Summary: Remus is still a Marauder at heart. And surely Snape can survive just one more April Fool's prank?
Untitled - Rated PG. Summary: Remus birthday drabble.
Will and Last Testament - Rated PG-13. Summary: Voldemort discovers that Severus is a spy and sentences him to death. Lucius brings the Order Snape's last words.
Last Will and Testament, Coda Primo (sequel - ending 1) - Rated PG-13.
Last Will and Testament, Coda Secondo (sequel - ending 2) - Rated PG-13.

flaifire: Potions Can Wait - Rated G. Drabble.

Fleur: The Birthday Cake - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus has birthday and Snape bakes a cake.

Aching Head - Rated G. Drabble.
Alone Rated PG.
Answers and Questions - Rated NC-17.
Believing is Seeing - Rated NC-17.
Blind Faith - Rated PG. Drabble. (others on page Rated R)
Burning and Freezing - Rated PG.
Can't Sleep Alone in a Strange Place - Rated PG-13.
Cause - Rated PG. Drabble.
Crack - Rated NC-17.
Damp - Rated NC-17.
The Dangers of Speaking Whilst Marking Potions - Rated NC-17.
Early Dessert - Rated PG. Drabble.
Different Affliction - Rated G. Drabble.
Easy to Buy For - Rated G. Drabble.
Errand - Rated G. Drabble.
Explanation - Rated PG. Drabble.
Fever - Rated NC-17. Drabble.
Finding Remo...or Something - Rated G.Drabble.
Finishing Touch - Rated NC-17.
Flame - Rated PG. Drabble.
Forfeit - Rated PG. Drabble.
Four Hundred Thirty-Nine - Rated G. Drabble.
Four Truths and a Lie - Rated R.
Going to be the Death of Him - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus comes up with a kinky way to torture Severus.
Here's the Story... - Rated PG-13.
I Don't Think So - Rated PG. Drabble.
Improvisation - Rated NC-17.
In His Mind's Eye - Rated NC-17. Summary: During an Occlumency lesson, Harry sees something shocking in Snape's mind. But Remus has no knowledge of it.
It Will Be Me - Rated PG. Drabble.
It's the Feel - Rated NC-17.
Just a Small Obstacle - Rated PG. Drabble.
Learning to Appreciate Sweet Tea - Rated NC-17. Snape discovers Lupin has become skilled at Legilimency the hard way.
Metaphor - Rated R. Drabble.
New Direction - Rated R. Summary: Snape finds a cure for Lupin's lycanthropy, but it has interesting side effects.
A New Fear - Rated PG. Drabble.
Nightmare - Rated PG. Drabble.
Personal Attention - Rated R.
Personal, But Worth It - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus/Severus with Sirius, an AU Alternate ending for PoA.
Prance - Rated NC-17.
Pride - Rated PG. Drabble.
Rainfall - Rated PG.
Secret Keeper - Rated G. Drabble.
Shriek - Rated PG. Drabble.
Stalk - Rated G. Drabble.
Suprise Awakening - Rated G. Drabble.
Temporary - Rated R.
Tower - Rated R.
Try Again - Rated PG. Drabble.
Unexpected Reaction - Rated G. Drabble. Accompanying art by karasu_hime
Uninvited Guests - Rated NC-17. Remus is hoping to seduce Severus when sudden uninvited guests aid in his efforts. Untitled - Rated R. Summary: Mpreg. The day before the next full moon after Sirius hit the veil.
Untitled - Rated PG. Summary: Living together.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untrainable - Rated R. Drabble. Wake Up Call - Rated NC-17.
Warmer Together - Rated PG. Drabble.
Wax, Heat, and a Trip to London - Rated PG-13.
Well Known Trick - Rated G.
Writing on the Body - Rated PG. Drabble.
You Sexy Thing - Rated R.

Of Mortal Bondage - Rated NC-17. Summary: The Ministry has tightened up the regulations on werewolves and Remus finds himself the property of one Severus Snape. Accompanying art by jereeza - Rated PG-13.
The Importance of Being Moony - Rated R. Summary: Contrary to all the fics featuring "Snape Manor," Snape actually does not have a home. Which is why he is forced to move into Remus' one-bedroom cottage when Hogwarts is closed down for repairs.
Untitled drabble - Rated G.
Untitled drabbles (2)-Cardigans

Flying Solo: Permutation - Rated R. SummarY: Remus and Severus are sent on a mission for the Order and it all goes horribly awry, leaving them on the run and struggling to return to safety.

fourthmoon: Beyond Reach - Rated - PG-13. Summary: Lost in his mourning Remus refused to take his Wolfsbane...

Foxfeather: A Winter's Tale - Rated NC-17

frek: Broken - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus deals with pain and loss the only way he knows how, Snape helps. Bloodplay.

A Day in the Life - Rated PG-13. Summary: A day in the life of Snape.
Coming Clean - Rated R. Summary: A moment and now he's gone.

fuzzyfishbowl: Lather, Rinse, Repeat As Needed - Rated T. Summary: Remus teaches Severus how to wash his hair.

Authors: G

Please remember to leave feedback! Authors thrive on it and might be encouraged to write more!

Gabriel Pierce: Trust, Touch, Healing - Rated NC-17. Summary: Severus is losing it and Albus thinks Remus can help…but of course Severus doesn't want his help. Self-mutilation and severe mental instability. Group membership required.

Denial - Rated R. Summary: The worst punishment is to be denied.
Dirty Talk - Rated NC-17.
Every Wolf Has His Limits - Rated PG. Drabble.
Healing - Rated PG.
It Could Be Worse, My Boy - Rated PG. Drabble.
Negotiations - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus provokes Severus.
Not to Reason Why - Rated M. Summary: Snape acts rashly.
Remus's Arguments, Snape's Response - Rated G. Companion drabbles.
Sun, Moon, Shadow - Rated NC-17.
Teeth - Rated R. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated G. Drabble.

garoul: Halloween Feast - Rated G. Drabble.

gatewaygirl: Blood Magic - Rated R. Summary: Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love. Snape/Lupin, Harry/Hermione.

Black Silk Knickers - Rated NC-17.
Enough - Rated R.

Caught - Rated NC-17. Drabble.
Fire & Ice - Rated PG. Drabble.
Untitled - Rated PG. Summary: A surprise party for Severus' birthday.

Always - Rated NC-17. Summary: Set during Prisoner of Azkaban, with a very long flashback to Snape's and Lupin's student days at Hogwarts; my take on how their relationship might have developed. Introduces a few original characters: Professor Blackmore, her familiar Bane, and Ariane Donner. Site password required.
Summmer Vacation (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Begins just after "Always" as school is about to end. Snape and Lupin get an invitation to spend the summer in Japan with the co-inventor of the Wolfsbane Potion. Introduces original characters: Professor Kamiyama and his family. Site password required.
For Old Time's Sake (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Summary: A retelling of Goblet of Fire, with some original characters added: Dylan Rosier and the Donner family; the Donners are very loosely based on characters from Welsh legends in The Mabinogion. Snape is asked to help out the son of an old friend. Site password required.
Return of the Raven (sequel) - Rated R. Summary: Mainly focuses on the original character of Professor Blackmore as she explains to Snape, Lupin, and Sirius where she's been for the past fourteen years. She has been watching over her former students from afar, particularly Snape and Lupin. Site password required.
Mirror, Mirror (companion piece) - Rated PG-13.
Phoenix Reborn (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape and Lupin find their relationship is strained and tested by their duties to the Order and the fact that Lupin is living in Sirius Black's house.
Phoenix Rising (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: Lupin, Snape, and the other members of the Order deal with the aftermath of Voldemort's return, and tensions rise among the students at Hogwarts as the war escalates.
Aftermaths (sequel) - Rated NC-17. Summary: The various characters deal with the aftermath of the war; Snape, Lupin, Dylan, and Theodore adjust to being a family. There are other pairings in the story--Sirius/Branwen and Theodore/Blaise.
The Revenant (sequel) - Rated PG-13. Summary: James Potter refuses to move on after he dies, much to Death's chagrin. As he watches over his son and old friends, he begins to nurse a grudge against his old enemy Snape. Site password required.

True Confessions - Rated PG-13. Summary: How a little truth serum might have changed the ending of Prisoner of Azakaban for Snape and Lupin.

GetOutOfMyHead: Thousand Mile Wish - Rated K. Summary: Severus is hurt beyond words. It always seems, just when he starts to trust someone, they betray him. Will he ever be able to forgive Remus?

gigiiaiko: Confession - Rated NC-17. Drabble.

Gilbert Wimple: Just Say the Words - Rated PG-13. Summary: Harry moved his eyes along the table, to the place where Snape sat. Was he imagining it, or were Snape's eyes flickering towards Lupin more often than was natural?

gina_r_snape: Apology - Unrated
Summary: Psychological sex, if such a term exists. Snape and Lupin have a confrontation 1 wk after Lupin gets sacked from Hogwarts. Mean, dark, snarky Snape. Lupin understanding & smart.

glaelia: Please? - Rated R. Summary: A little 'bite' of an evening with the boys.

A Proposition - Rated PG-13. Summary: Remus wants a favor. And a Severus to go with it.
Sleepless Nights - Rated PG. Summary: How many is too many? (Severus/Remus/Tonks).

The Boggart, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - Rated PG-13. Site password required.
The Longbottom Effect - Rated R. Summary: Remus and Severus are forced to take a shower. Site password required.
Much Ado About Nothing - Rated NC-17. Summary: When the graduating class of 1977 return to Hogwarts to attend the annual Hogsmeade Masked Mid-Summer Ball, turmoil and madness ensues when the Black brothers decide to meddle in the love lives of their friends. Character Death (mentioned), Het, Slash, Suicidal Themes. Site password required.
The Olive Branch - Rated NC-17. Summary: Snape was not successfully rescued during the Shrieking Shack incident. Moony had better uses than lunch for the stray two-legger wandering into his territory. Site password required.

goldeneyedgirl: Better Late Than Never - Rated PG-13. Summary: Snape has revealed Lupin's secret to the school. An angry Lupin wants a personal confrontation.

Honeysuckle (series) - Rated PG-13 through NC-17.
Aloe Vera (sequel)
Wolfsbane (sequel)
Stone Soup (sequel)

goseaward: Mirror Magic I II - Rated NC-17.

Empty Eyes - Rated PG. Drabble.
The Experiment Rated R. Summary: Snape tries to improve the Wolfsbane Potions, but gets some unexpected consequences. Mpreg (sorta).
Pardon me, but your teeth are in my neck - Rated NC-17. Accompanying art Bite Me - Rated R.
Lord Remus and the Potions Master - Rated PG. Summary: In desperation, Lord Remus Lupin vowed to gave half of his gold to any male who could cure him or if she was a maiden marry her. But the poor and unattractive Potions Master didn't want the gold.
Untitled - Rated PG. Drabble.
Wait - Rated G. Drabble.

Granny Yaga: Snape, Lupin, and the 77 Bunnies - Rated PG-13. Summary: 77 plotbunny drabbles.

Green Eyed Lady: Forbidden Fruit - Rated T. Summary: (1975-8) Remus finds love cannot be chained. Or rebuffed. Or in any way killed on will. No matter how much one wishes.

A Shower For Two - Rated NC-17. Summary: Remus and Snape are forced to share a shower.
Healing In Four Steps - Rated PG-13. Summary: When Snape falls gravely ill, Remus realizes just how few people care, and it makes him all the more determined to make friends with Snape.

Breathe - Rated R. Summary: There are some effects of the transformation that Remus wished he didn't need.
Two Decades - Rated R. Summary: Nearly twenty years had passed and yet the pain still lingered hot.

gwendolyngrace: A Lone Hope - Rated NC17. Frottage, somnophilia.